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Our Pastoral Care Program MOTHER TERESA CARE offers short term, emergency care with the help of a group of volunteers.  The assistance provided may be in the form of home help/meals, visiting, transport, mental well-being or grief support.


If you know of someone who needs help please contact one of the following co-ordinators (from left to right in the photo)

- Erica 0423 807 156 (Transport)

- Gigi 0406 373 841 (Visiting/Welcoming)

- Helen 0402 906 091 (Home help)


Mother Teresa Care

Care Concern Service
... helping you help others

You can help with short term emergency care, e.g. providing meals, gardening, driving,
babysitting and mental wellbeing support. All help is valued.

Contact the Parish Office on

9523 6097 in case you would like more information.

Please watch the video to find out more and remember to share it.

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