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Planned Giving



God’s Blessings be with you always. Our church is completed and the celebrations of Mass in our new church brings all of us in our parish family, a sense of belonging. We are the pioneers who built St Mother Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Church in Baldivis WA, for our generation and the generations to come. All of us had a part in building our church. The Building Committee could not have completed this enormous endeavour without the financial and spiritual support of our parish family. Thank you, everybody. God has truly blessed us.

We have a vibrant and generous parish family and we must continue to provide for the spiritual and practical needs of our parish community. Many of our parishioners contribute to the parish needs by donating your time to the various spiritual groups in our parish as well as regular ground maintenance and cleaning requirements for which we sincerely thank you. We also sincerely thank all of you who support our parish financially through regular contributions through the parish Planned Giving Program, individual donations and the weekly collections at Mass. 

The Planned Giving Program is the major source of funds that keep our parish running. We now have a new church which will draw heavily on the parish purse with a loan to service for some time and other additional expenses relating to the running of our parish. We rely on the generosity of our parish family to fulfil all our parish needs.

Our Planned Giving Program is the main source that provides the funds to service our parish financial obligations. For anybody not already involved, and wishes to participate in the parish Planned Giving Program, envelopes are available for collection at the church. Direct Debit Forms are also available at the church or can be downloaded from the parish website. Please fill in the form, sign it and return it to the parish office or place it in the second collection at any weekend Mass.

You can also email the completed Direct Debit forms to

We are growing as a parish and are truly grateful for, and welcome all our new parishioners, joining our parish family. May we all look forward to seeking the connection of each other’s love and friendship every week at Mass, in the presence of our saviour and the comfort of his love. 

God Bless

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